Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween fun

Hopefully it's fun for the kids, right? Sometimes it seems like more work than fun but I guess it makes for good memories! We went with Steph, Hudson and Sawyer to Halloween Street at the Expo Center. It was decorated cute and the kids went door to door along the path and trick or treated. The girls loved their costumes ~ pink puppies ~ they adore pink puppies. It never crossed my mind that they looked like lambs until 15 people there said "oh, look at the cute pink lambies". Whatever.

We also visited the Witches at Gardner's Village. Trish, Tyler and Tate joined us for lunch there but after they left the girls went and got manicures!First manicures. They got "spooky nails" with glow in the dark polish and cat and ghost decals. So cute! I love having girls!

Preschool halloween program. They knew the songs and rhymes so well, it is so amazing to watch them do their thing in front of a room full of grown-ups. Ivy stole the show when she stood up and did her line ~ Marley said "There are witches in the air" then Ivy's line was "but we don't care!" The way she talks with her little attitude is so funny. I am so lucky to have found a school they can go together and learn at their own pace, love their school and their cute teachers.
My little know-it-all. You can hear Marley louder and about a 1/2 second earlier than all the other kids. And Ivy's hand movements crack me up!


Mandi Lloyd said...

Your girls look adorable.

Emily H said...

How fun! Your girls are so stinkin cute.

brandy said...

I love the video..they know their stuff! I love having girls too. Can't wait to have them get their first manicure. And many more after that!!

Charity said...

marley looks so cute in her little hat! i wish that e would wear a dang hat! how was FL? waiting to see pics!

Ty & Em said...

Your girls are adorable!! Oh I can't wait to go with Madi and get our nails done!