Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Marley's Preschool Program

Last day of school. So sad for Marley because she loves going to school; what are we going to do for three months without it? Better question: what will I do in three months when they are both in preschool? Probably won't be too hard to figure out, right?Her nickname from her teachers is "Smarty Pants". She got a perfect score on her report card. Knows all colors, letter, numbers, and is spelling and reading words all by herself. It seems like a normal progression for a 4 year old but sometimes I like to think she's a step ahead. Could just be that I'm a proud mother! When the program started, Marley got out of her chair and went over to the teacher. The teacher gave her the big flag and she proceeded to the microphone. I had no idea what she was doing. She reached right up to the mike and said, "Please rise". She then led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance! She did so good. Not a bit of nervousness. I think she was more worried about getting her mouth close to the microphone since it was a few inches taller than her. It was such a surprise to me, I would have practiced with her or at the very least had my video camera charged! I didn't even know they were learning the Pledge. I asked her why she was the lucky girl, and she said "oh, they just wanted me to do that." She was like, big deal. Took it all in stride. I caught a little bit on video mode on my camera, but it's hard to see and hear. After the Pledge she went back to her seat and sang cute songs that they have been learning all year. Preschool has been a fun adventure in her life.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best Friends

Two little crazies. Giggles, games, make-believe. So much love. Marley is the best big sister ~ always teaching and encouraging Ivy. Ivy is the best little sister ~ always following and doing exactly what Marley says.

I made the mistake of telling them they could have a sleepover in my bed one night while Rusty was gone. Now they think every time he is gone they get a sleepover. Along with them sprawled out in my bed are the stuffed animals, oh the stuffed animals. I just really cant stand furry-ness in my neck while I'm sleeping but the girls insist I must hold pink puppy really tight because she is afraid of the dark.

Out in the backyard. We love summer and the princess slide! The last picture is Ivy attacking with giraffe kisses. We have this book "animal kisses" ~ the mommy giraffe licks the baby giraffe. So sometimes Ivy gets into giraffe kissing mode and licks everyone. Of course the laughing only encourages her and we are all covered in slobber by the time the episode ends!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

my mom ~ aka salleriffic, mustang sally

my beauties ~ Ivy Giselle and Marley Sage

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies! I hope everyone got breakfast in bed and a little extra love from the kids. Mine were very sweet and woke me up with kisses and their little voices wishing me a happy mother's day. They gave me a couple new summer outfits and Rusty took care of all the cooking for the day! We spent the afternoon at my parent's house and everyone brought such good food. I was impressed with the men's skills! The guys, mainly Rusty, even took care of the mountain of dishes aftermath. Great job honey, you always step up and make the rest of them look bad. Couldn't ask for a better man. Also couldn't ask for a better mom. She is always so happy and an inspiration to stop and enjoy life's little moments. Just look at what she has done for the world...................................... love you mama sally!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blogging Tips

I guess I need to invest a few minutes to figure this thing out. Please share your favorite blogging tips. Like how do you add the names on the side? Play music? Video? Hook me up so I don't have to read :)

Thanks, Love ya!