Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best Friends

Two little crazies. Giggles, games, make-believe. So much love. Marley is the best big sister ~ always teaching and encouraging Ivy. Ivy is the best little sister ~ always following and doing exactly what Marley says.

I made the mistake of telling them they could have a sleepover in my bed one night while Rusty was gone. Now they think every time he is gone they get a sleepover. Along with them sprawled out in my bed are the stuffed animals, oh the stuffed animals. I just really cant stand furry-ness in my neck while I'm sleeping but the girls insist I must hold pink puppy really tight because she is afraid of the dark.

Out in the backyard. We love summer and the princess slide! The last picture is Ivy attacking with giraffe kisses. We have this book "animal kisses" ~ the mommy giraffe licks the baby giraffe. So sometimes Ivy gets into giraffe kissing mode and licks everyone. Of course the laughing only encourages her and we are all covered in slobber by the time the episode ends!


Jessarella said...

They are so darling! I love the cuddling sleeping picture. So cute!

The Brownings said...

You're girls are so adorable!

Stewart Family said...

Melinda, I found your blog through Brandy's. It has been forever since I saw that cute face of yours. Your family is adorable. Miss you.

Charity said...

your girls are so so photogenic- you should have them model-seriously! too cute!

Emily H said...

What beautiful girls. They look like their beautiful momma.