Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Breakfast in Bed

This morning Marley came to my side of the bed and said Boo until I rolled over and kissed her good morning...little cutie. 3 minutes later she returned to our room, went to Rusty's side of the bed and said "Good morning, Daddy! Here's your breakfast." and gave him a plastic cup full of Apple Jacks...cutEST. I wonder why I got boo-ed and he got cereal? She's always so sweet in the morning, why can't it last all day?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A long weekend at the cabin makes for non-stop adventure and complete exhaustion. We met my mom and my nephews there on Thursday and came home Saturday afternoon. We played on the 4 wheelers, went insect hunting, and crawdad fishing. It was really fun. As much as my mom drives me crazy with inspecting each wildflower and explaining where each road goes and what time each person should be arriving we had a great time. My aunt Leesa and some of my cousins and their kids came up Friday afternoon so the kids had a fun playing with each other while the grown ups tried to keep up. The best part is when Rusty suprised us by showing up Saturday morning. He had been gone for business that week so we planned on meeting at home Saturday night, but he showed up early while we were all still in our pj's. Actually, the best best part is when my mom offered to keep the kids Saturday night so we could go out! Love that! We went to the American Legion (I'll explain in another post ~ hard to beat) with Jason, Lisa and Reinier and Brian and Casey and a bunch of their friends and played Rock Band after at Don and Lanae's house. Good night and didn't have to worry about getting the sitter home on time. Thanks mom, next time I'll try to look at the 8 millionth wildflower with as much excitement as the first.

On our bug hunt, Ivy found a rock with a grasshopper inside! She would shake it and say shhh... hear the grasshopper?

After 10 miles on the 4 wheeler we made it to the Skyline Drive. The long ride was worth it, its one of the most beautiful spots we visit.

Enamored with the crawdads

Tie a string to a piece of raw chicken, drop it in the lake and the crawdads come running! Conner pulled up 5 at once!

Ivy held me so tight and tickled my belly while we drove. The only bad thing ~ ALLERGIES! They were bad up there. Poor Marley, her eyes bug her so much.

Thank heaven for Daddy's. Rusty hates fishing too.
Fishing with my cuz's kid Addie, whom we don't get to see enough!

First Dentist Appointment ~ 07/09

Another reason I'm mom of the year ~ both girls just had their first ever dentist appointments! I just really didn't feel the need to take them until now. Although I completely ignored the recommendations from the parenting experts there was no harm, no foul. Both girls have great teeth, not a single cavity. Marley was a bit scared of the xray machine but still got some pictures taken and Ivy jumped right up there and opened her mouth as wide as she could. She was so cute. They both got their teeth cleaned and got new tooth brushes and flosser things. I give props to Dr. Johnson, Pediatric Dentist and his cute hygenists in Riverton. They were great with the kids and the office was super kid friendly too.
A little skeptical at first

Watching Incredibles on the ceiling

The tickle toothbrush

Waiting to hear the bird chirp

The hygienist showing Ivy the "tickle brush"
I think she like the little vaccuum in her mouth!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 4th, Legoland, Sea World

We took the girls on a mini-vacay for the 4th. I've been so excited to take them to the big theme parks; we've been talking about it and waiting to go for quite a while. We left on Thursday morning and met Rusty in San Diego airport. He was traveling from Texas and our flights were just an hour apart so he was able to go get the car and pick us up out front. Traveling through the airports alone with 2 kids is more difficult than I thought. Getting the car, suitcase, stroller, carseats, backpack, 2 kids and myself where we needed to be was definitely exciting. I think I'll have someone drop me off next time!

Sea World was so fun for the kids. Favorites were the starfish pond, stingray pond, and the poisonous tree frogs. I hate to be the one to say it, but the Shamu show is overrated! How pretty are killer whales, I know, but the show was incredibly boring. The kids were uninterested and all I could think about was not breathing the BO from the big guy in front of me. The highlight of Sea World was the Build-a-Bear type gift shop where they each made a stuffed animal to bring home (just what we need!).
We spent the 4th at the beach. It was misty all day but the girls still had so, so much fun. Especially Marley. When she first went in the water and saw the waves coming she let out this high pitched scream, such a little girl. She kept this up for the first little while until she was brave enough to go in deeper. Rusty spent all morning with her in the water trying to find seashells. Of course Ivy was not into the ocean scene but she found a way to have fun burying my toes. It's funny how different their personalities are, and our day at the beach is a perfect example of that. We planned on watching fireworks on the beach but got burned out before it even got dark! The kids wanted to swim at the hotel so we headed back early and went for a night swim in the pool, firework-less.

Legoland was interesting. Fun, but not super exciting. Everything is made of legos so that was cool to look at, especially impressive was the MiniTown USA display. The rides had long lines and were very basic but after standing in line for 30 minutes the kids enjoyed the 30 seconds of fun. It was a nice, mellow day. Ivy even snuck in a nap while we walked around.
The girls proved to be excellent travelers. I love taking them places and showing them new things. Next stop, Disneyland. Can't wait!