Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A long weekend at the cabin makes for non-stop adventure and complete exhaustion. We met my mom and my nephews there on Thursday and came home Saturday afternoon. We played on the 4 wheelers, went insect hunting, and crawdad fishing. It was really fun. As much as my mom drives me crazy with inspecting each wildflower and explaining where each road goes and what time each person should be arriving we had a great time. My aunt Leesa and some of my cousins and their kids came up Friday afternoon so the kids had a fun playing with each other while the grown ups tried to keep up. The best part is when Rusty suprised us by showing up Saturday morning. He had been gone for business that week so we planned on meeting at home Saturday night, but he showed up early while we were all still in our pj's. Actually, the best best part is when my mom offered to keep the kids Saturday night so we could go out! Love that! We went to the American Legion (I'll explain in another post ~ hard to beat) with Jason, Lisa and Reinier and Brian and Casey and a bunch of their friends and played Rock Band after at Don and Lanae's house. Good night and didn't have to worry about getting the sitter home on time. Thanks mom, next time I'll try to look at the 8 millionth wildflower with as much excitement as the first.

On our bug hunt, Ivy found a rock with a grasshopper inside! She would shake it and say shhh... hear the grasshopper?

After 10 miles on the 4 wheeler we made it to the Skyline Drive. The long ride was worth it, its one of the most beautiful spots we visit.

Enamored with the crawdads

Tie a string to a piece of raw chicken, drop it in the lake and the crawdads come running! Conner pulled up 5 at once!

Ivy held me so tight and tickled my belly while we drove. The only bad thing ~ ALLERGIES! They were bad up there. Poor Marley, her eyes bug her so much.

Thank heaven for Daddy's. Rusty hates fishing too.
Fishing with my cuz's kid Addie, whom we don't get to see enough!


crista said...

SOOOO cute your kids are!!! Ok and you finally got me going on the blogging I think Im finally getting the hang of things.

My mama was in town about a week ago I showed her your blog and your kids she said gorgeous as always!!!

Hope all is well :) LOVES XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Hey Melinda!
your pics are so fun! Looks like your having a great summer. Come to playgroup Monday at 11:30 at umbria estates splash park (just west of our neighborhood). If not lets hook up and go swimming!

JulesandBriPoulson said...

How fun. No wonder I haven't seen you forever. It looks like you guys are playing hard. Your Cali trip looks like fun too, except the airport part. You are daring to do that by yourself. Hopefully I'll see ya soon!