Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Dentist Appointment ~ 07/09

Another reason I'm mom of the year ~ both girls just had their first ever dentist appointments! I just really didn't feel the need to take them until now. Although I completely ignored the recommendations from the parenting experts there was no harm, no foul. Both girls have great teeth, not a single cavity. Marley was a bit scared of the xray machine but still got some pictures taken and Ivy jumped right up there and opened her mouth as wide as she could. She was so cute. They both got their teeth cleaned and got new tooth brushes and flosser things. I give props to Dr. Johnson, Pediatric Dentist and his cute hygenists in Riverton. They were great with the kids and the office was super kid friendly too.
A little skeptical at first

Watching Incredibles on the ceiling

The tickle toothbrush

Waiting to hear the bird chirp

The hygienist showing Ivy the "tickle brush"
I think she like the little vaccuum in her mouth!


brandy said...

They were so brave!!! And NO cavities with all the sweets they eat? Yes...then there's hope for my girls. Good to talk to you as usual week and counting!!

p.s. Avery LOVED hello kitty! See couldn't take her eyes off of it. or her. whatever.

Ty & Em said...

They are so cute! I can't believe how brave they were! I totally couldn't get pictures on Brod! Brody keeps asking where Marley and Ivy are! Can't wait to see you guys in Lake Powell!!

missy said...

they did so good are so so adorable, seriously i can't get enough of them. your girls are beautiful! i hope mine gets blonde hair and blue eyes like colton, just so she can look semi-like your girls! plus i think that is the same dentist i took colton to. i really liked them. and totally agree. how necessary is it really for them to go this young? but brent has horrible teeth, so i feel guilty not taking colton just in case he inherits brent's tooth genes...

Emily H said...

What I am supposed to take my kids to the dentist?