Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ivy's Birthday Celebrations

Birthday breakfast consists of Chocolate donuts covered in sprinkles. She opened her presents before Marley went to school which made getting out the door VERY hard! I found her the color changing dolphin (I thought she had dreamt up), Pet Shop rodents (sounds sick, I know, but they are stinkin cute!), and Barbie Thumbelina movie and some matching playsets that she has wanted FOREVER. She got to lick the beaters when I made her cake and had ice cream for dinner. I don't think she would have changed a thing about this birthday!

(In a strong English accent please,) Ivy's Birthday Tea Party at the Telford Court. The guests, Avery and Izabela, were invited to come for afternoon tea and crumpets in celebration of her majesty's 4th birthday. We all wore the most divine gowns and sipped the finest tea. Berries of all sorts were served and make up was done in the parlor. What a fine gala to remember, such fun had by all in attendance.

Grandma Sally also had a party for Ivy. The whole fam was there except for Brian and Casey... sniff, sniff. But we did get to talk to them on the phone. Grandma had 3 different kinds of cake and food galore. Ivy got a new ballerina dress up, Littlest Pet Shops, a puppy that whimpers and barks, and new dresses. Thanks to all!


brandy said...

(Also, in a strong English accent) Thank you for inviting the little princesses for crumpets and tea. We had the most lovely time.

We all had a blast. Love you girls.

Young Family said...

What a darling family.

KRISTINA said...

super cute... i cant wait for that stuff.

crista said...

Its about time that you got back to the bloggin world!! I have missed wondering what is going on in your wonderful world!!!

SOOOOO cute, she soo looks like you when you were little.

FYI...I was going thru old pics the other night found our cute dance pics from when we were I think 4!!! Love ya

Angie said...

Sooo cute. I miss your girls. We need to do a play date with the kiddos.