Monday, June 2, 2008


Four. Carefree, fun, energetic, simple ~ the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking of a 4 year old right? Well today I'm here to make a case for the 4 year olds: life is not as easy, breezy as it looks. About half way through this week I realized what adult conversations I was having with Marley, and that I have had nearly 30 years to think about these things and this is just the introduction for her. Here's a sampling of what her little brain is trying to comprehend this week:

~The logistics of "I promise" and "pinky promise". Marley had to visit the dr. today about a sore that won't go away. We had to stop at Target to fill the perscription and she got a treat ~ body glitter~ because she promised me she would let me squeeze more "germs" out of the sore tonight like the dr. ordered. However, when the time came to squeeze it she flipped out and would not allow it. I explained that I had to take the body glitter away because she didn't keep her promise. How unfair is that? So not cool. She was so sweet and tried telling me through her tears that she promised that next time she makes a promise she would do it and that she really promises. And if you make a pinky promise then you don't promise then you don't get a treat. And if you don't make a pinky promise then you can't do what Dr. Cami says. I felt so bad taking away the body glitter at that point. She clearly did not know the commitment of "pinky promise". Being the sweetheart that she is she put the body glitter in my drawer and with eyes overflowing with tears told me that next time she makes a promise she'll get it back.

~Why she must be warned about creepy old men in WalMart lurking and searching for mom's that have turned their backs on the children left in the basket, wanting to touch their privates. (Reported on KUTV News) She said "and they'll go to jail right? Like if you don't buckle your seatbelt." I guess for a 4 year old that's a good enough comparison. I didn't want to argue that fact but tried to explain that's why she never leaves mommy's side.

~Why you can't go outside alone to practice riding your scooter. What lying is and that you can't say your sister did it when you ripped the sheets off your bed. Why mom and dad get to go to a birthday party and a party lovin' 4 year old can't go. How when little sisters cry and whine, the 4 year old is reprimanded and told not to make her cry and whine. Why you can't climb the shelves of the pantry to get treats out of the treat box when all you want is some chocolate.

So there is my case for the 4 year olds. There is so much being thrown at them, I think we (I) should give them a break. Let them cry and laugh and talk and express all the emotion they must be feeling in any way they can. At this age they can talk and understand and ask questions and come to conclusions all by themselves. Maybe we (I) should take a moment and remember she's only 4 and give her back the body glitter. She'll figure out promises later, right?
At the end of the day, after trying to understand all of what she's been taught, she said to me, "Good night mommy. I hope you have sweet dreams. And I hope they're about me....and monkey...and Ivy." I hope her sweetness will always shine through at the end of every day, no matter what life throws at her.


brandy said...

Give her back the body glitter for heaven's sakes......she is the sweetest girl in the world! I loved this post because I feel like I do the same thing with Avery and she just doesn't get the things I throw at her. So I think you're right..let kids just be kids. They are still going to grow up and be sweethearts. Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

WOW...what a good mommy you are.... and I can tell you one thing darlin life does not get any easier as they get older, they begin to understand things so much clearer but than again you still have to keep the away from the ways of the world.
Who ever guessed that God would bless us with such precious spirits to remember exactly what its like to be a kid...remember it wasnt that so long ago, and also how quickly it goes. Enjoy the moments and treasure them always.

Nicole said...

Hey girl! Well said, I have never stopped to think about all that! You are right, it is not as easy breezy as I thoght for my little 4 year old too. Bummer! Lets get the girls together, I will email ya! Love, love, love the blog! You guys are one good lookin family!