Monday, October 13, 2008

First Snow ~ October 11th, 2008

When the girls saw the snow falling Saturday morning they both flipped out with excitement! They kept saying, "Mom, its TOTALLY Christmas!" They have this thing with running out to the clubhouse to see how cold their feet get so this morning I dared them to try it in the snow. The little wimpies wouldn't go barefoot ~ they went and got flip flops! A little protection was good I guess, I could barely stand out there to take a picture. It was sooooo cold!

Marley trying to catch a snowflake in her mouth.
Ivy heading towards the door!

Mommy, I'm coldy.
She wanted us to see that she caught one on her tongue. Nope, can't see it!


The Williams Family said...

Isn't it fun how excited the kiddos get about snow? That was the first thing my kids wanted to do too!

P.S. Your girls are absolutely gorgeous!!

missy said...

ivy's hair is so long! i can't believe how grown up she is looking! i remember the first time i met you you were pregnant with her, and now look. she's beautiful! (as is marley of course)

JulesandBriPoulson said...

I am so happy to see a new post! I know it is so hard to keep up. I have a hard time with it too, but it is so fun.
That snow was fun to see. We woke up in Park City so it was great to see white that morning. Winter is around the corner!