Thursday, August 6, 2009

Okay, I don't have any more excuses, really. I finally got wireless upstairs, even a laptop to carry from room to room. I am committing, once again, to the preservation of the day to day moments that make up my life. This week is a BIG one. So let's go.

08/07/09 Marley started kindergarten on Tuesday. She's just like me; no tears, ready to please. (Okay, I admit, I got a teeny bit choked up, only because she was so brave and knew exactly what to do; her independence scares me.) She ran to the fence right when the bell rang and waited for Mrs. Hannah. For homework the first night she recited all the rules by heart and knows all the consequences if she chooses not to follow. She gave me a big scary face regarding the call home I may get if she doesn't get on the "choo, choo, choose the rule train". I threatened her with no treats and long afternoons in her room if I EVER get a call from her teacher. I know that will never happen, not just because of my threats, but because she is a pleaser. I am completely in love with her.
08/05/09 My tiniest baby, Ivy Giselle, 4 years old. I still talk baby talk to her. She seems so little compared to Marley at this age. She still chooses to ride in the stroller for hell's sake. The cutest things she says right now are "that's totally wicket; and Mama, I love you". Honestly, there are a lot more nasty phrases like, "That's it!", "Marley, that's enough" or "I'm done!" that are just as cute but clearly are imitations of me (not so cute). The window panes literally rattle when she screams, I sometimes worry that the neighbors can hear her during her fits of rage. It is so funny to watch her come into her own but still have such a baby side. I am completely in love with her.
08/07/09 10 years of marriage. WOW. Russell, my muscle, is still the man of my dreams. When we got married, when I was 20, I think I was in love with the idea of him... his big truck, his mysterioius style, his big blue puppy dog eyes, his handsome face, the way I had to work for our first kiss. But it is so different now. I love the way he is, the way he treats everyone he knows. His gentleness and easygoing-ness, yet his determined and stubborn way. He is 100% russell all the time. No fakey. Everyone loves him, which has been an issue for weakness, I admit. I know I have a great husband and my daughters have a great daddy. I can only hope that I am for him what he is for me. I am completely in love with him.


melissa said...

what the what? a post??? i am impressed. and excited to see what's up with your cute family! seriously your girls are adorbale. i can't believe marley started kindergarten already, that is crazy. congrats on the 10 years this week! i hope you two are out celebrating big time!!

Dartay said...

I am in shock.....I can hardly type....a new entry, are you kidding? Love it!

The Williams Family said...

Hey girl! Wow...It has been a BIG week for you. Congrats on EVERYTHING! I love reading your blog and getting a quick catch-up on how you guys are doing and what you're up to. We should get together before summer is over :o)

KRISTINA said...

Yay!!! I have been waiting and waiting for a post... I almost gave up. Now we have to give charity shit so she will come back!
Such cute girls... and what an awesome husband, and marriage you have... good for you!

Emily H said...

I am so impressed! Love your adorable girls. And congrats on the 10years. Here is to 10 more happy ones. Love ya.

trishanna said...

This gives me the courage to go on... if you can do this I can do anything! im so happy you are back on the wagon! I love your family picture, so dang cute!

brandy said...

It's about freakin time woman! Ha! You better keep this up cuz I miss seeing what your cute family is up too.
Congrats on the biggest week of the year! Love Marley. Love Ivy. Love you and Rusty. I love the Telfords.

Glad to have you back!!